Brenda Brainch

Co-director of the GJG

Brenda Brainch has wide experience in mediation and ADR internationally. She holds a LLB in Law and is a registered and accredited mediator with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in the UK and sits on the World Bank and UN Panels of Mediators.

Brenda has worked with governments in Africa, Asia and South America on justice strategies, incorporating ADR and mediation. She worked closely with Fazlul Haq, who developed the Madaripur Mediation Model in Bangladesh to develop a generic model for application in Africa which she has pioneered in Malawi, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and was under way in South Sudan. She also manages complex multi-party disputes for the IFC grievance mechanism. Brenda is an experienced trainer and mediator and has published widely in professional and trade publications. She is a founding board member of the African Mediation Association (AfMA) and is affiliated with a number of ADR organisations and institutes around the world. She lives in Kenya.