Dr. Ferenc ("Francisco") Sandor

PhD in Environmental Sciences, Environmental & Ecologic Science

Mr. Sandor is an Agricultural Engineer whose experiences include responsibilities for rapid start-ups of agri-related as well as economic development programmes and foreign assistance projects, which deliver fast and impressive results. 

In his most recent position as Chief of Party Mr. Sandor managed the Paktya (Afghanistan) Watershed Rehabilitation Project sponsored by US Army ADT 2-Gardez. The project’s main goal was to survey topographic-hydrological conditions of four watersheds of the Upper Ghazni Sub-basin. Previously as Acting Chief of Party for the USAID sponsored Commercial Horticulture and Agriculture Marketing Program (CHAMP) Mr. Sandor managed the development of 7,000 Ha perennial fruit and 3,500 Ha vegetable and other crops production in the Eastern and Southern Region of Afghanistan working with over 20,000 small holding farmers in 15 provinces.

Regarding conflict and crisis management, Mr. Sandor has conducted assessment for the refugees program in Liberia, which included the proposal for start-ups of agricultural production development in the newly established settlements after the war. In Nicaragua, he conducted outreach programs for conflict-affected areas after 30 years of civil war.

In the area of community development, Mr. Sandor was responsible for overall program development in Plan International-Nicaragua including community organization development, gender and children rights based approach, community health development and child survival programs, projects for learning and early stimulation for children and livelihood projects. He also directed activities for advocacy, training of trainers and community members and also sponsorship and grant management.

In the agricultural field Mr. Sandor has managed food security projects in Malawi utilizing agro-ecology based technology including soil conservation and management, resource oriented and waste recycling based plant nutrition systems, low-tech small scale irrigation system development and agro-forestry activities.

During most of his career, Mr. Sandor has worked as Chief of Party (COP), Deputy COP and Project Manager or technical advisor and he has extensive experience in institutional development and good governance. This work includes the design, training and implementation of administrative and financial processes, internal controls and M&E systems, the production of plans and budgets and the design of institutional policies and strategies

Mr. Sandor began his career in Cuba, where he managed the production of certified seed in 14 state farms all over the country.