Hans H. Wahl

Co-director of the GJG


Hans H. Wahl is an educator and trainer, based in Paris. He is currently director of INSEAD’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (ISEP) in Fontainebleau, an innovative effort to bring the expertise of a top-tier business school to sustainable market-oriented social solutions worldwide. Previously, he established UNESCO's Poverty and Human Rights Programme and directed an international penal and criminal justice reform training programme for Penal Reform International, also from Paris. Mr. Wahl has also held senior staff positions at Amnesty International and regional community development organizations. He has worked as a consultant on strategic planning and organisational change with clients ranging from Siemens, AT&T, Corning, to numerous small and mid-sized organisations in the US and internationally. He has studied, written and worked on issues of civil society development, human rights, and capacity building in over 50 countries worldwide.