Maliha Hamid Hussein

Ms. Maliha Hamid Hussein works as an independent development consultant. She is an economist with a broad range of development experience including agriculture, irrigation, forestry, water, micro-finance, governance, access to justice, prison reform, community participation, etc. Ms. Hussein has extensive experience of working in South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republics. She has consulting experience with all the major multilateral and bilateral agencies.  Ms. Hussein has served in the capacity of team leader on many occasions and has considerable experience in leading diverse teams.  Ms. Hussein was, for five years, a career diplomat with the Pakistan Foreign Service (1978-82) and worked with the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme in the high mountain areas of Pakistan for about four years (1983-87).  Ms. Hussein co-owned and co-managed a consulting firm (1989-2000) and has been working independently since 2001.  A graduate of Punjab University, Ms. Hussein obtained her M.Sc. in agricultural economics from Michigan State University and a certificate in international law, economics and politics from Oxford University, UK.