Marcus Baltzer

Co-director of the GJG

Marcus Baltzer has extensive experience with the UN system in conflict, post-conflict and development contexts. Having completed his LL.M in South Africa, Marcus took up an assignment with the European Roma Rights Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he documented the plight of the Roma minority in a report entitled ‘The Non-Constituents: Rights Deprivation of Roma in Post-Genocide Bosnia and Herzegovina.’

He then worked for three years as a Democratic Governance Programme Analyst with UNDP in Malawi, after which he did several assignments with UNHCR, UNICEF and UNDP in South Sudan, Nepal, Darfur and at headquarters in New York. In those assignments he worked in a wide range of professional areas including juvenile justice, refugee protection, human rights advocacy, and access to justice programming.

In recent years he has come to focus on the design of justice sector reform programmes, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of such programmes, in countries across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Marcus was the lead consultant in drafting the new policy on illicit drugs for the Lao PDR, where he also worked as an advisor to UNODC and a resource person in the drafting of the new penal code.

Marcus was part of the Justice Audit team in both Malaysia and Bangladesh. He is currently working for the Justice Snapshot in Somalia.